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Thursday 1st of October
From Ryan Koblasa and Aaron Danker
Your Online Marketing Teachers

Have you ever heard the phrase “time is money”? It’s true - time is a valuable commodity that, once used, can never be replaced.

Many people end up kicking themselves because they lose valuable time by not planning their day correctly. Does this sound like you?...

Maybe you keep telling yourself that today’s the day you’re going to finally take care of that to-do list, only to find yourself procrastinating and being unable to complete everything.

“there's just not enough time in the day....”

While being told to “live like there's no tomorrow” is great advice... it doesn't really give you any specific advice on how to do that.

Are you tired of all these 'good feeling' phrases, and would like a practical step-by-step guide that you can apply to your personal and business life... starting today?

Your time is definitely limited. There's no changing that. But what you do have control over is what you do in the time you have.

Now I know you've heard this before time and time again, but rather than talking about things in theory or hypotheticals, I’m about to give you REAL, PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS.


According to Harvard University researchers Matthew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert...

“...about 47% of people's waking hours are spent doing anything except being in the moment and focusing on the current activity…”

Another current research study shows that over the past 30 years, procrastination at least occasionally has quadrupled with a whopping 95% of those polled. Also 52% procrastinate regularly with 20% of all students saying they are chronic procrastinators.

This means you’re not alone, but it’s not good news either…

Too many a time do we read general solutions about how to solve our focus. However, we cannot truly tackle these problems until we look at you and how YOU tick.

Want to learn how you can finally tackle both yourself and your habits by digging into your own brain?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by taking on too many projects?... Do you ever feel like you're not succeeding because you're not taking action?... Do you procrastinate and not take action because your mind is scattered?... Do you have constant regrets that lead to other regrets that are dragging you down?

Most likely you have these problems because your mind is distracted by too many things.

We've all been there. 

Imagine this...

You're excited and pumped up. You've just had an exciting new idea or came back from somewhere and are ready to get started.... You're thinking "This is it! This is finally it! This is going to be a game changer! A life changer! I'm finally ready to take this on!"

Now think of how many times you have thought this, whether it be a business idea, career idea, or personal life idea?

But then it's finally quiet and you are focused... You're sitting at a desk, and then it hits!

Negative thoughts from all over the place invade your creative brain and you get seriously distracted...”

You fight those thoughts and try to move forward...

Soon this wonderful and powerful idea gets diluted as we get distracted. If it's not our thoughts, it's our friends, kids, neighbors, spouse, roommates, and the list goes on...

What just happened here?

In most cases it's your habits.

Yes, we have habits and weaknesses that make us fall into a never-ending loop of distraction traps. And if you don't know what they are, then you can't really fight them and rewire your brain.

Do you want to learn how to develop a laser sharp focus to more done?... Do you want to learn how to break your habits, regain a deep focus and avoid multi-tasking?... Do you want to learn how who you are, and how you tick?.... Do you want to learn how to prioritize your projects to get them done?...

There is really no ‘one size fits all’ solution until you can tackle YOURSELF.

That's right, and that's what we're going to do in this video course. Focus can be lost in many ways, and in this video training course you will learn how to regain it in relation to you and how you tick.

Whether it’s for your work life or leisure time, this course is going to guide you through the process of managing not just your time... but your focus and energy levels and productivity which will result in you living a happier, more fulfilling life... not to mention more profitable business!

Lesson 1 - Introduction

Before we dig deeper into the video course, it is important that you are in the right mindset and know exactly what to do as this will make implementation faster and easier. In the first video, we will set the tone for the rest of the course and you will be first given a quick overview of each of the video topics.

Lesson 2 - What Does Your Every Day Really Look Like?

A lot of people simply go through the motions without really paying attention to the actual amount of work they’re doing versus the time they have available in a day. Therefore, I will show you how to properly assess your day in order to really see what your everyday looks like and if you are effectively allocating your time to what matters.

Lesson 3 - Your High and Your Low

Now that you have an idea of what your everyday looks like, it’s time to determine your ‘high’ and ‘low’. Your ‘high’ refers to when you are the most productive, while your ‘low’ refers to you when you are least productive. In this video, you will discover that having an understanding of your ‘high’ and ‘low’ moments can significantly improve your time management skills.

Lesson 4 - The Truth about Multitasking

The ability to multitask is a common trait that many people believe is good to have. But how exactly does multitasking affect your productivity? If you consider yourself a multitasker, or if you aim to be a multitasker, then this video will show you the truth about multitasking, as well as provide you with proven techniques to get you on track to speeding up your tasks the right way.

Lesson 5 - Time Management Tools

There are several time management tools available to help you manage your time more effectively. In this video, we will going over the best time management tools that we have tested.

Lesson 6 - Pomodoro Technique Timers

Pomodoro is a proven and effective time management technique that can help boost your productivity. In this video, you will learn more about how the technique works. We will also show you how to access and use the best Pomodoro tools out there.

Lesson 7 - Automate Your Tasks

Automation makes life ten times easier. From the simplest chore to the most technical matters, we will show you ways to automate your tasks so that you have less to worry about and less to get done.

Lesson 8 - Automating Your Email

Does your inbox have more than 1,000 unread or uncategorized emails? Email management is one of the top problems people struggle with from day to day. In this video, we will dig deeper into different ways you can automate your email and free up your time.

Lesson 9 - Automating Twitter and Facebook Posts

Nowadays, growing your business is usually associated with social media. However, with the loads of tasks you have to deal with every single day, managing social media site can bury you in extra work. The solution? Learn how to automate your Twitter and Facebook posts.

Lesson 10 - Finding out your personality/who you are


In this specific video, you will learn more about who you are and how you tick so that you can begin tackle and improve yourself. What's the point of this? Well, did you know that the way you process data is different to the person sitting next to you? 

Have you ever found that you just cannot get along with certain people, whether it be your family member, friend, business friend, or co-worker? This is because the way you think is different from the way they think. And this is why you must understand how you think before we can move on. 

Do you know your personality? Most people I talk to don't, and they don't have a lot of direction in terms of where they are headed, finding meaning in life, and how to get there. They are constantly chasing their tails with regards to these things throughout their life. 

Lesson 11 - Understanding the Way Your Process Data


Like I talked about in the previous video, people process data differently. Let me give you some examples. Some people think by gut and just go with the flow, and they tend to be scattered all over - at least when someone of a different personality looks in. They have sticky notes all over their desk. Then some people think by using their senses through gaining facts. 

Some are more logical and systematic, so they don't go by their gut - they tend to do things in more of an orderly mindset. And then some act by a feeling created by a combination of the two - gut or senses. See what I mean? We all think differently, so we can't say to one specific person, "You need to prioritize" without telling them HOW. The how is what you will learn, but before we tackle that you'll learn how you tick in this specific video.

Lesson 12 - Understanding Your Habits

It's time to figure out your weaknesses which often lead to bad habits. You can only break your habits when you know more about your weaknesses in this area. Everyone has weaknesses and it's ok. Breaking them will help you regain your laser sharp focus, and help you complete things which often lead to success. And success can be in the shape or form of moving you closer to your end goal.

Lesson 13 - Analyzing What You Spend Your Time On


So now you understand who you are, and your bad habits. You're ready to change them and get the breakthrough you've been waiting for. We often spend time getting distracting especially while on the computer, and in this specific video, you'll be given a way to analyze how you spend your time. 

Are you visiting sites that have little to do with your work, like social networking sites (unless you're really doing this for your career or business). How much time are you spending on certain things? Once you understand this, you'll be able to pinpoint where you spend your time, so you can begin to figure out where to spend it correctly. Time is money, and once time is lost - it is lost forever.

Lesson 14 - Ways to Break Free From Your Bad Habits


At this point you should really know who you are in terms of the way you tick, understand your bad habits and where you are spending the most time. It's time to break free from your bad habits! And that's what you'll learn in this specific video.

Lesson 15 - How to Remind Yourself About Your Main Focus


Now this road isn't going to be easy - and no one usually breaks and stops their habits right away. As humans, we will often break our habits and go back to them. There are rare cases of people breaking their habits, however for the most part people will eventually go back into the state of distraction. So how do you remind yourself about your main focus so that you can get it done? That's what we'll cover in this specific video.

Lesson 16 - How to Set Realistic Goals

It's too easy to set unrealistic goals - and because of this - we don't get things done. How do you set realistic goals? What is realistic to your friend or family member may not be realistic to you. Have you ever thought about that?

Lesson 17 - How to Be Accountable to Yourself

You are going to eventually get back to your old habits. One way to combat this is having an accountability partner, or someone to make sure you are doing the right thing. But I will say that ultimately that person will quit being your accountability partner because they can't be accountable to themselves or they are too busy. 

So you MUST be accountable to yourself. If you can do this, you will not have to rely on anyone else and this will be your breakthrough. In this specific video, I will use excel to show you how to setup a simple accountability sheet that will do wonders to get you back on track and finishing projects!

So with that said, grab this video series now and learn how rewire your brain, break your old habits, and create a laser sharp focus so you that you can consistently bring yourself closer to completing your projects… and bring yourself closer to reaching your goals right away!

Don’t let any more of your precious time go to waste! Learn proven and effective ways to plan your day right and manage your time by grabbing this video course today.

Discover how to effectively manage your time and plan your day right. This course was designed to help improve your time management skills with helpful easy-to-follow tools and techniques.

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