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Thursday 1st of October
From Ryan Koblasa and Aaron Danker
Your Online Marketing Teachers

The term 'sales funnel' is thrown around the marketing arena quite losely...

Some would lead you to believe the idea that a simple squeeze page and thank you page classes as a sales funnel...

Others will convince you that a main offer with an upsell is a sales funnel...

...And yes, whilst both strategies can be considered a 'sales funnel', the truth is that a REAL marketing sales funnel that allows you to quit your job and go full time online requires more than that.

Let's Face It... Building an Online Business Can Be Quite Confusing!

You have to create products, you have to create upsells, you have to track conversions, you have to build a customer base, you have to attract prospects, you have to create and distribute content to get traffic, you have to manage your paid advertising and social media campaigns,

Then you still have to consider what emails should go out to your subscribers, what's the best product to sell to your first time customers, what's the best upsell, what's the best high-ticket offer, how to price everything, when to present these offers... amongst many other things.

It can get very confusing... and even when you do experience some success, you still have to put aside the hype and really question if what your doing can be done better... and in most cases it can!


Smart Entrepreneurs Have Figured this Out. The Conclusion is Simple...

...The Only Way to Build Your Business is with a Sales Funnel!

When you sell a variety of products consistently, know what products work well as upsells, what to do to attract affiliates, what content generates the most traffic, what emails get you the highest clicks... not to mention what software works best then you start to streamline everything.

You simply stop doing what doesn't work and start doing more of what does...

For many established marketers this is led to the conclusion of the sales funnel... and will likely be the model your business will follow as well.


“Here's Why a Sales Funnel is the Ideal Online Business Model for ANY Niche, Product or Service...”

1. It directs the focus of your traffic so they see all the important and most profitable pages in a series of events.

2. It allows you to pinpoint exactly where the weakest link in your sales system is, such as a low conversion rate or low volume of sales or lack of engagment... allowing you to make smarter decisions for improvement.

3. It puts all the best aspects of online marketing into one streamlined system that you can continiously improve upon.

4. It helps you maximize your conversion rates so you can generate the greatest number of subscribers and customers per number of visitors.

5. It provides an organized buying experience for your customers and helps you segregate the tyre-kickers, first time buyers, and loyal customers and clients so you know who you're marketing to.

6. It enables you to develop high-ticket, high value products and courses for your most valued customers such as webinars, group coaching and one-on-one sessions.

...All of this of course enables you to maximize your revenue per customer... Turn costly advertising into a profitable venture or at least minimize it... plus it makes your business resistant from constantly changing SEO algorythms and trends!

On top of that it also opens up the doors for the possibility of starting a solo ad business or ad swap with other successful list owners to grow your list even faster!


The truth is if you don't have a sales funnel in place, then your business is not optimized and you're most likely leaving some serious money on the table.

So today we're going to break down a basic horizontal sales funnel for you step-by-step so you can follow along, learn what you need, apply what you need, and build your own unique sales funnel step-by-step.

We're about to reveal decades of trial and error into one simple business model that can be applied to any niche and any line of products and services, that you will use time and time again. Here's a sneak peak at what's inside this course...

Lesson 1 - Overview Of Sales Funnel System

When you’re starting as a newbie you have a lot of questions and a lot of thing you don’t understand. The purpose of this course is to get a massive number of people to opt-in to your list and purchase a very low-priced product. With detailed videos and examples that we developed, you will improve your learning time so you won’t be wasting time by searching the new terms and how to do it examples from multiple sources. Here you have all that you need to start your business.

In this lesson you'll discover...
- A brief overview that you should quickly go through
- What are Sales Funnels and what they do (...a detailed discussion on how to maximize your profits)
- Know the right steps you need to take to maximize your profit.
- Why are funnels important.

Lesson 2 - Sales Funnel Theory Revealed

Determining your sales funnel before you actually create your product is the first crucial thing you will need to do before doing anything else. Most people don’t think about this and they are bound to failure without a well planed action plan. We took this burden from your shoulders and we compiled this detailed plan that will get you in front of majority of people that will try to do the same thing.

In this lesson you'll discover...
- How to keep the buyer in the right frame of mind with a few simple tips (hint – this is a great advice for beginners!)
- Why is important to split the selling process in two (...and how to do it with and example!)
- What are the elements that enhance user experience.

Lesson 3 - Your Sales Page System

The sales page will be the first thing that you will have to create in this process. We give you multiple platforms that will get you the job done with the least amount of work possible. We thought about the elements that you will need, how to go about creating it and how to design your page to be as appealing as possible.

In this lesson you'll discover...
- What is the important software you will need to use for better efficiency (...detailed instructions for newbies!)
- How you can use different tools to modify you Sales Pages.
- Understanding the WHAT we’re doing and the WHY we’re doing it.

Lesson 4 - Product Branding and Using Templates

You now understand the basics required for a successful business. Now we'll dive deep into the little tweaks that will place you ahead of your competitors and make you stand out in the eyes of your prospects.

It’s important to learn how to use a tool that can make this fast and easy. You'll also learn how to use consistency throughout your sales funnel to maintain your customer's attention.

In this lesson you'll discover...
- Keep continuity between Branding and Templates on your Front-end Product and then your Upsell.
- Why to keep continuity between the visual elements of the page (hint – the best way to do it with a relevant explanation)
- Communicate with the buyers on what they’re about to buy (...emphasize what they’re going to get!)

Lesson 5 - Squeeze Page Set Up

You’ve just learned how to use the esthetics on your pages but there's still more to do. Now it's time to setup your squeeze page. This is an important yet often overlooked step. But don’t rush yourself, what sounds like a really simple process can go wrong in many steps.

In this lesson you'll discover...
- Why and how to use consistency to bring people onto the funnel (...learn it fast with this video)
- Your 3-Step guide to Getting Started with Responsive Design (...with 3 important details!)
- How to use an offer to raise the interest in your customers (hint – this will affect your overall sales)

Lesson 6.0 - Thank You Page Setup

In this tutorial we'll show you how to create the delivery page. Whilst it's a simple job, you will see in this tutorial how you can use this page to your advantage. You'll discover how you can with the easiest tweak, awake the interest of the people and maximize your profits with just a few details.

In this lesson you'll discover...
- How to send your customers to a page where they can get what they want (...and how to brand what you’re selling)
- Why to keep the customers focused
- What you can do to maximize the interest of the customers (hint – make it interesting!)

Lesson 6.1 - Delivery Page Setup

We reached at the part where we will thank our customers for the purchase - but don’t rush it. This part you can make important errors that will render all your work until now useless. After a much research we have found the best solutions for you. Think about it, you won’t have to go through this trial and error phase yourself. Just to watch and learn from the experts. We will be showing you how to do this as simple as possible, so you get the desired results fast and without hassle.

In this lesson you'll discover...
- How to Set Up a Thank You page (...and a relevant explanation on how to do it right)
- Go one step further to help your customers (hint – this will help get more newbie customers)
- Learn why is important to do this thing right.

Lesson 7 - Set Up Autoresponder at The Point Of Sale

Here we will show you how to work with some of the more challenging tasks in this sales funnel system. We give you a solution on how to get your autoresponder working with a step-by-step explanation. You don’t want to experience problems when people buy something from you. So we reveal a few solutions on how to automate and handle your customers.

In this lesson you'll discover...
- How to add a person on a specific list after a PayPal purchase (...quick explanation on how to do it)
- What are the different options you have to do this (hint – this will give you a more detailed approach)
- When to Set Up this system and why you should do it.

Lesson 8 - Matching Affiliate Tools

In this video we will talk about your affiliates, how you will help them and how you will create a good content that will attract the attention of the targeted audience. If you pay attention to this video you will see and understand why it’s important to encourage your affiliates to be in same state of mind like yourself. We will talk about the tools you will use and how you will use them on your actual sales page. This one lesson will have a dramatic impact on your revenue when you do it correctly.

In this lesson you'll discover...
- How to help you Affiliates so they can help you in return (with a good description on the subject)
- Why to stick to your main theme that you’re trying to sell (hint - pay a close attention to this)
- Find the best way to do this with the help of this video.

Lesson 9 - PDF Links And Tutorial Offers

When you create a PDF file it's important to get your customers and readers clicking your links and calls-to-action. You can include anything you think is important for your business. However be careful though because a simple mistake can break your sales funnel and even leak what you want to sell for free. In this lesson we'll show you how to make sure that people get into your sales funnel and are not sent in any other direction to maximize your sales. With this in mind follow this tutorial so you don’t ruin your hard work that you've done up to now.

In this lesson you'll discover...
- Use your PDF links for creating a call to action from your customers (it’s important that you check this one)
- Beware of the mistakes you can do that will drop your sales (hint – don’t miss this as it will affect your sales)
- Learn how important it is to create the perfect links

Lesson 10 - Download Page Links

When you have a download page link you will have a few options from what to choose. The first thing you will have in mind is that you should make prominentS step that will show your customers what do to. You have to make sure that you talk to your customers and be as clearly as possible so you keep a decent relationship. The most important thing is to keep your download page as focused as you can so they can progress to the next stage of your sales funnel.

In this lesson you'll discover...
- How to create a productive Download page (with a quick example)
- What to add on a Download Page so it will maximize the profits (hint – this will raise the interest in your products)
- Why to give them some incentive to get on your lists (...don’t hold them from the product)

Lesson 11 - Execute An Exit Pop

With the basic sales funnel set up you will have a flow of people that will land on your pages and go through a simple sales process. However you have to realize that some of them won’t be interested enough to buy from you yet. This is why you should take the time to setup a simple exit popup that will give leaving visitors a last minute special opportunity to purchase your product. If you execute this correctly you can significantly increase the number of sales. In this lesson we'll show you we use scripts to do this. Don’t think this will be hard to do, we did our homework and we detailed every step you need to make.

In this lesson you'll discover...
- What you can do if some customers don’t want to get on your list.
- How can you create a page that will do this (with a trick that will get your customers back)?
- Get a detailed explanation on how to do this. (hint – anyone can learn to do this)

Lesson 12 - Collect Names And Email Addresses

Even the best offer don't get everyone to buy. So we want to be able to collect data about our potential customers even before they ever see the exit popup with the help of the autoresponder. With this step-by-step explanation you will see how simple it is to do this and you will understand why this will help you on the long run.

In this lesson you'll discover...
- How to get traffic to your offer (in fact this will help you the most)
- Why you should use this interesting approach for this job
- What are the details you need to know before you do this ( do want to test this for sure!)

Lesson 13 - Upsell PayPal Button

If you want people to buy from you, you need some way of collecting payments online. PayPal is by far one of the most popular payment processors out there and recognized by everyone. In this lesson we'll explain the most important parts in the PayPal button integration, that will remove the stress of having to Google a solution, or to be frustrated if you tried everything but it’s still not working.

In this lesson you'll discover...
- Learn more about how you create a new PayPal button (...this time will get you to the end of the process).
- How you should use the Upsell Button correctly (...and why it matters)
- How an Upsell PayPal Button works?

Lesson 14 - Set Your Follow Ups

Selling your product isn’t the end goal, you have to think of the future, you have to have a plan on how to generate profit even after you've sold a product. In this lesson we'll tell you what to do and give you the plan to sell more. Don't miss this, because NOT doing it can leave thousands of dollars in revenue on the table.

In this lesson you'll discover...
- Why you should set your follow ups correctly (...and how to do it to improve your sales)
- What are the most important things you should do (hint – pay attention to this carefully)
- A brief explanation on how to organize your products (in fact, you will be surprised on how easy is to do this)

Lesson 15 - Social Media Set Up

In this lesson we'll learn how to attract as many as people possible to increase your changes of building your list and making sales. We'll also show you why it's so important to keep your visitor's focused on your squeeze pages, offers, upsells and main product line and on nothing else. Follow the advice in this video carefully to ensure you get the best results.

In this lesson you'll discover...
- Why the social media is important for you?
- Pay attention to this as it will give you an insight on how to use the social media in your advantage.
- Discover the many usages of social media (hint – without any of this, you won’t be able to gain the desired traffic to your website.)

Lesson 16 - Conclusion and Review

Everything we've done up to now is designed to attract as many visitors, leads and sales in preparation for higher ticket offers in your sales funnel. In this final lesson we'll talk about what you need to do to keep your customers in the right frame of mind so they're in tune with your offers, receive what they want and you help them achieve their goals.

In this lesson you'll discover...
- Learn what are the opportunities to collect leads and get more sales
- How to keep the interest of the customers high on all your offers ( that you get your buyers closer to their goals)
- Why you should give more value and how you should use your promoters.


Here's the Cold Hard Truth... Just Having a Website Won't Work Anymore!

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So what makes you and your business any different?... The secret lies in the method you use to generate leads, sales and back-end sales. This is why Sales Funnel Master was created!

There are many advantages with a good sales system in place. A highly-developed and finely-tuned sales funnel...

Gives you an incentive to build your list whilst making money at the same time! Ever feel like not bothering to build your list? We've all been there! However when you know that you have a special offer in place you'll be happily building your list and knowing that you'll be able to make sales as well!

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Increase your monthly income - so you can invest time and money into other areas of your business that need it! We all need to develop however it's hard enough keeping up with everyday life expenses - it becomes difficult to reinvest, almost impossible to reinvest in your business when you don't have good cash flow. This is why many people stay stuck at the same point and can't get any further. When you apply the techniques in Sales Funnel Master you'll finally be able to boost your income to another level so you can progress!

Allows you to develop your sales funnel even further to increase your income! Add more up-sells, add more value to your offers, increase your price, add a tell-a-friend script, add an affiliate program and so much more! Once you've mastered this course you'll be able to develop your own sales funnel and develop it how you want!

Forces you to make use of your auto-responder service! You and I we both know that your auto-responder service is costing you monthly and who's to say that you're fully utilizing it? Do you think a handful of highly targeted emails added to your sales funnel will make a difference! You bet! When you understand the logic behind great sales funnels you'll start to see that your auto-responder can bring in more sales that would otherwise be left on the table for someone else!

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“A Sales Funnel Sounds Quite Complicated... Is This Really For Me?”

Setting up a sales funnel... even a very basic one is the most smartest thing you can do right now.

I mean think about it... the whole point of creating one in the first place is to maximize your profits. Why not do so by creating the necessary components, selling your first product which will eventually lead on to attract your highest-paying customers and clients?

Afterall it only makes sense because now you can SAFELY expand your sales funnel to attract more of the marketplace and more customers.

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This specialist course was designed to help you create a long-term conversion strategy using the most profitable and safest process. Although the concept is quite common, very few people actually apply it. Discover how to set up all your products and services inside of your sales funnel to create the amazing sales funnels right off the bat!


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Bonus Lesson 1 - The 10 Keys to Product Creation Success Overview

In this course we are going to put together a check list of things that you will have to keep in mind. Each video could be a course all by itself, in fact many of the points that are mentioned could take an hour to explain. Although it takes a lot of time to explain what you need to do to be successful, we will be giving you a short-detailed course on how to do this. In order to have a successful product sale you want to start taking some of what you’re making from previous products, and invest your earnings in the resources you will need to make your new product successful. With this in mind lets proceed to see what we can offer you in this course.

Bonus Lesson 2 - The 10 Rules of Internet Marketing

To be successful as an Internet Marketeer requires time and work, but first of all you will need to pay attention to your targeted audience, to what they need and how you can help them. Whatever you’re going to do, the rules you will learn now will be useful. In this video, we list the 10 rules that are required to be successful in the niche of internet marketing, and we explain them clearly with detailed examples.

Bonus Lesson 3 - The 7 Rs of Internet Marketing Product Creation

What are the elements of a successful product? What are the elements that will make people love to buy your products even before they see it? In this video you will get an insight on these questions.

When trying to learn new people the keys to success you will have to know what you’re talking about, you have to know the exact thing that helped you be successful. With detailed insights we give you concrete details on why we were successful and why you will be successful if you follow our guide.

You will learn how to use your success to influence the sales of your products to the future buyers, be aware that it may seems like a trivial thing, but this will boost your online productivity!

Bonus Lesson 4 - 7 Cs of Intrernet Marketing Product Creation

“Care! Those who watch, read and listen to you are real people … address their concerns” is one of the C’s or Internet Marketing. In every business satisfying your targeted audience should be your goal, we explain here how to do this.

If you can be unique, if you can create something that no one else has done before, then do it and use this advantage, creativity has no limits.

Learn what can you use to be interesting, to be creative, what defines you, what you’re the best at, if you’re good at talking, create some content that shows this, if you’re good with videos, communicate your ideas through creative videos.

Bonus Lesson 5 - 12 Points of Copywriting

What is copywriting? You can get a broad explanation online or you can get a detailed one with this course.

Here we explain how to get your customers to WANT to engage with you, you learn how not to spam them with countless offers. We give you the problems you can encounter and the solution for all those problems.

You learn how to generously give something valuable to a person, hot to get them to want to buy from you, not out of pressure, but because they will enjoy your content and help.

Bonus Lesson 6 - 8 Numbers That You Must Track

There is a minimum number of statistics that you need to keep track of in order to make good decision about your product creation business.

Make sure that you understand what these numbers mean and how you can use them to your advantage. Use these numbers to increase your standing with the customers and with your associates.

This is important for your overall performance and it’s the best thing you can do. Don’t be happy just for making sales! Keep a keen eye on everything. And by doing this you will be able to increase your return rate of your money and you will be able to launch another product and be successful every time you do this.

Bonus Lesson 7 - 10 Potential Profit Leaks

In every business if you don’t pay close attention to every detail, including the ones you think they’re not so important, you will, eventually, leave a few gaps that will make you lose money.

With this list we explain the most usual things that will lead you to potential profit leaks with few examples to make you understand easier what we are talking about

You automatically know that you should try anything you can to minimize any loses, that’s why with this video you will get the top things that you should keep in mind.

Bonus Lesson 8 - 5 Things To Make Your Product Stand Out

Not all marketers do all of the things we’re talking about in this video, you have to understand that if you want your product to stand out you will have to go the extra mile.

Some of the things we will talk about here are about how to present your product, how to make it more interesting, more appealing, take your time and make your product be the best in his niche.

Don’t forget about the needs of your clients, you can have the best product out there, but without a great support team and a prompt response to any enquires from the customers, your overall revenue will go down. Pay attention to this!

Learn how to surprise your customers with the perfect example… more about that in this video.

Bonus Lesson 9 - 17 Resources You Should Have For a Digital Products Business

Before starting any online business, you know you have to have a plan first, here we’re discussing, with examples, the most important resources you need for making your dream come true.

We’re explaining how to choose your domain name, the first important thing you will need to do, pay attention to this as an appealing name will be a big part of your business.

Bonus Lesson 10 - Tips For Reselling a PLR Course

After you succeeded in you dream and you’ve created a successful business with the tips we provided, you will think that you can make a profit even with the things you learned from this course.

Here you will see how to do this, how to use the same things you learned in here to create another course customized by you. If you think you can give a better example, if you think you can design a page better, now you have the chance.


It couldn't be easier! Watch, learn and apply what you need to know... when you need to know it!

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