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Thursday 1st of October
From Ryan Koblasa and Aaron Danker
Your Online Marketing Teachers

If you're struggling to find the right opportunity that is suitable for you, I completely understand how you feel.

When I first started out looking for opportunities, I was really lost like a sheep without a shepherd... not knowing what to do and not knowing where to go.

It is really easy to turn into an 'opportunity junkie' you know?

The rush, the addiction to joining a new opportunity is always present - the dreams and the hopes seem so empowering and fresh, just like being in a brand new relationship.

However, when the drudgery of work (just like the commitment of marriage) wears in, you feel tempted to jump into another opportunity again. (Jumping into another business opportunity is costly - just like divorces!)

Don't you think it is about time to stop the insanity before you become a junkie?

But many don't get it until it is too late!

FACT: Online Businesses Have One of The Highest Failure Rates in the World...”

Why?... Simple because their barrier of entry is too low, people do not take it seriously and that is why they always FAIL.

Let's be real, okay?

People who invest tens of thousands of dollars (or hundreds of thousands of dollars) in a business venture often takes their business seriously as though they are married to them!

Unfortunately, the low barrier of entry for most business opportunities today is a double edged sword - cheap to get started but because it is too cheap, most people fail to treat it as a real business and they wind up wasting a lot of time and money... it is better that they never got started on it in the first place!

Others have even more outrageous expectations from business opportunities - They always quit just when things are getting started and they wind up spending money again and again... in the end - they sum up the whole industry as a scam even though people do make it with due dilligence and hard work.

It is time to put this wishful thinking mentality aside!

Perhaps you've faced some of these problems:

- You join an opportunity and you do not know how to get started?
- The fear of getting started with the right opportunity is often paralyzing...
- You might have spent thousands of dollars but have nothing to show for it!
- Negative people are whispering in your ear telling you that it cannot be done!
- And sometimes, you are so held up in your 9-5 job, you can't do anything else!

It is no wonder people are so negative about everything.

Make no mistake about it...

“If Your Mind is NOT Wired for Success, You Will Fail in Your Business No Matter How Lucrative it may Sound...”

Fixing your mindset towards business opportunities is just the beginning.

Even if you have mentors, teachers or uplines helping you, it will not work for you too if you do not fix what is going on inside your brain...

Besides fixing your mindset, you have to be aware of what works and what doesn't work in the 21st century...

Is your business opportunity in a sunset industry or are you entering a market when it isn't even ready for the product yet?

Are you willing to do the research to get things done?

Or are you spinning in circles like a 'biz opp' junkie once again?

This is one subject that requires thorough research if you really wanna succeed so pay close attention because...

“...You Are About to Seriously Shortcut the Learning Process Needed to Build... and More Importantly Scale Your Online Business!”

Imagine... if you have the right knowledge and you are armed with an unstoppable mindset. I have the tools here - everything you'll ever need to jumpstart your understanding on this important subject.

Do you think you can save you tons of heartache and trouble? Do you think you will be able to save tons of money and choose the right markets?

I've poured in hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to put all these together for you... I know it will work for you because I've burned every penny of my savings in order to find the Truth.

You are indeed a lucky person because all the heartache I've experienced will shorten your path to success.

I don't want you to go through what I had to go through. You can be more efficient with your investments. With the years of experience I've poured into this course, you will gain a distinct advantage over everyone else...

Introducing the Big Business Blueprint

Your Indispensable Roadmap to Building and Scaling a Highly Successful Online Business!

Module 1.0 - Game Rules


The course is separated into 7 different modules with each part covering a specific area of your business. Each module represents a pillar and mastery of each pillar would help you in strengthening your business foundation.

In this first module, we’ll cover the first core fundamental which is your mindset. This is core because all of your actions originate from your thoughts so it makes perfect sense that if you want to change your results, you first must change your mindset.

Module 1.1 - Self Awareness


Self-awareness is the conscious knowledge of one's own character, feelings, motives and desires. It’s how you view yourself from a third-party’s perspective.

For example, when you set for yourself a sales target and you feel fear of achieving it, thinking that it is impossible to do so then self awareness at this point would be to acknowledge that you are fearful and start to investigate inwards to understand why is there a fear of growth? Does it stem from unworthiness or something deeper?

Module 1.2 - Identify the Big Plan


Having a plan is crucial as it gives you clarity to your priorities. To do this, on a piece of paper, list down everything you want to be, do and have. Who do you want to be? What do you want to do? And what is it that you want to have? You may also list this down specifically for your business.

Module 1.3 - Commitment and Persistency


Earning a 7-figure can be easy to some, but not all. Above all, success comes with consistency and commitment. In order to earn 7-figure income, you have to commit to learning and evolving. To constantly grow is the only assurance that your business will remain relevant for years to come.

Module 1.4 - Attitide Determines Altitude


Excellence is not about skill, but attitude. In order to achieve 7-figure income, you’ll have to banish excuses that get into the way. Even when you fail, don’t lose hope, keep striving ahead and do your best. In life, there are no failures, only lessons.

Just like Albert Einstein, he did not stop trying even after multiple failures and attempts, because he knows that it is through those failures, he learn, grow and never make the same mistake again.

Module 1.5 - If You Are Not Growing You Are Dying


The only thing constant in this world is change and to keep up with that change and stay relevant is to learn. The world is moving forward every hour, every minute and every second therefore we cannot use yesterday’s solution to solve today’s problem.

This goes the same to mindset. You cannot achieve a 7-figure income with a 3-figure mindset. The gap is just too big. Therefore you and your team need to commit to growing themselves not just in their skill and talent department but also mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Module 2.1 - The Bootstrapper's Guide to 7-Figures


You have just started your business and sales are probably low which means profit is low. In this phase, you have two options, either you grow the normal way or you scale fast and to scale fast, you need to bootstrap.

Module 2.2 - Bootstrapper's Tactics


In this module of big business blueprint, you will understand another tactic as it refers to being innovative. This will help you as a business owner to constantly challenge your business.

Module 2.3 - Million Dollar Company


“If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door”. This quote from Milton Berle states that you need to create opportunities and form strategies that will aid in the growth of your million-dollar company. One way to construct a million-dollar company is to identify a pattern and scale it to the top.

Module 2.4 - Strategy and Working Backwards


While strategy can be difficult for many organizations to commence, its benefits are far-reaching and many. From creating new business opportunities, to streamlining the operations and engaging staff, a well-formulated strategy will enable increased growth, productivity and profit both now and into the future.

Module 3.0 - Effective Tactics to Generate Profitable Offer Ideas


How to generate profitable offer ideas? Ideas are the bread and butter of the company. A great idea will sky rocket a company quickly to 7-figures than you can imagine and your offer to your consumers will keep the business engine running.

Module 3.1 - Start with a Vision for You Company


The first tactic in generating profitable offer ideas is by having a vision. Before starting with any ideas, you must first start with your vision. What is the vision of your company? Your vision is what will be the guiding light for all of your ideas to take shape because you can come out with as many ideas as you want.

Module 3.2 - Who Will Be The Company's Target


In this module, we will be looking at your target audience, in order to give more focus in generating your ideas.

Module 3.3 - Brainstorming Sessions on Product Ideas


One of the best ways generate profitable offer ideas is to do a brainstorming session on product ideas. Ideally, your brainstorm should be with max 5 people because too many people would dilute the quality of the brainstorm session. Imagine 30 people in the room doing a brainstorm, not impossible but would be less effective.

Module 3.4 - Reinvent the Wheel (Part 1)


Yes, you must have heard the saying to not reinvent the wheel which translates into don’t be a pioneer and just take something that is already there. Well that is true, however, when it comes to ideas, you would want to reinvent it.

Module 3.5 - Reinvent the Wheel (Part 2)


We have arrived at the second part of “How To Generate profitable Offer Ideas” tactics, which is reinventing the wheel. Reinventing in this context means taking an existing idea, stripping it down to its bare components and then finding its key lever points and making it even better, even faster and easier.

Module 4.0 - How to Raise Capital for Your Business


In the world of business, capital represents the fuel for your business to run efficiently. If your business needs a bigger engine, you will be needing a bigger capital. A bigger capital will drive your business towards your desired destination, in other words, your goal.

Module 4.1 - Preparation of Plan


Planning is crucial before you can pitch to your investors. Smart investors know if you are planning on a whim. So, build your plans before laying it out to the investors.

Module 4.2 - Join the Investment Club


What exactly is an investment club? Well, they are a group of people who pool their money together to venture into investments.

They are an organized partnership. They have members studying different investments for the group to decide whether to buy, or sell, based on the votes of majority.

When money is pooled together, collectively as a group, bigger investment opportunities can be accessed versus going solo.

Module 4.3 - Selling to Investors


After you start getting the investors to invest into your business, it’s time for you to execute them together. So, you have your plan, you’ve joined an investment club and now, it is time for you to sell your ideas to your fellow investors.

Module 4.4 - Repay Your Investors


You should begin repaying your investors once profit has been made. This is to reduce the negative impact felt by your investors after investing in your business. What do you think would happen if you fail to reach the standards you’ve set up with your investors? What would happen if you do reach it and delayed their share of the profit? How will that reflect your business opportunity in the future?

Module 5.0 - How to Scale Your Business and Quardruple Your Income


In this video, we’ll be focusing on how to scale and manage your business. You’ll also be looking at how to gain exceptional levels of income in the long run, continuously.

Module 5.1 - Estimate Cash Flow


Before you set up a team, you need to estimate your cash flow. Without having any idea of how much money your business can generate, it is almost impossible to accurately plan your business ahead, and prepare for the tough times that may befall your outfit.

Module 5.2 - Leverage and Optimize


The next question you need to answer is how to increase revenue with the same amount of time and effort. You can do it by means of leveraging and optimizing your company. Leveraging your business means using your resources to their optimum advantage for improved results.

Module 5.3 - The S.A.S. Strategy


As mentioned before, one of the perks of having a strong business is you will have more free time to focus on the management and directional aspects of your business. For this to happen, you will have to start considering hiring a talented team of people to take care of the operational, daily and day-to-day tasks. One of the best strategies you can deploy is the S.A.S: Simplify, Automate and Systemize.

Module 5.4 - Create Your Ideal Team


In the previous lessons, we have discussed about hiring a team to better handle the tasks that is needed to ensure your business thrives. The right team delivers the best results and will ensure the continuity of your business. But first, what is an ideal team size for the business?

Module 5.5 - Improving Leadership: Culture


If you happen to always end up with a poor-performing team, let me tell you why. Here’s the hard truth: The problem lies not with your employees but with your lack of leadership skills. Sometimes your team can be excellent in performing their tasks, but there may be some aspects that have not been addressed or have been overlooked that the performance does not reflect in the result. If you’re facing this problem, there are 3 key points in managing and building an “A” team.

Module 5.6 - Improving Leadership: Learning and Development


There are always businesses out there who work harder, smarter and quicker than your team. If there is no growth in learning or developing current talents, surely one day, your competitors will close the gap and surpass you. This also means death to your business.

Module 5.7 - Improving Leadership: Debrief


Debriefs are important after your projects to identify gaps and insights as preparation for other projects. So in this stage, it is essential that your project team prepare a list of gaps during the project.

Module 5.8 - Managing Your Finance


The final part of this module is to manage your finances. If you do not know how to manage it, then there is no better time to learn. As a business owner in charge of your team, you need to know your finances to evaluate your business growth.

Module 6.0 - A Profitable Low Risk Business


In this video we’ll be focusing on how to sell your business with a higher price and of lesser risk to the buyer. The idea for people to buy businesses is so that they can ease into the business without much tinkering and being in the business. You’ll also need to prove that your management team is locked into staying with your company after the acquisition.

Module 6.1 - A Sellable Valuable Business


So how do you sell your business for 4x to 12x multiplier? And what’s a multiple? A “multiple” measures some aspects of a company's financial well-being, determined by dividing one metric by another metric. The metric in the numerator is typically larger than the one in the denominator.

Module 6.2 - Business Valuation and Formulas


A multiple can be used to show how much your business is worth in the market, and how much will be able to make by selling your business away. For example, using the “P/E” ratio, if you plan to sell your company at 12 multiplier, what will be the price? Or how much should your company be earning before you sell it away

Module 6.3 - Troubleshooting and Problem Solving Your Business


A buyer will only buy or invest into (in your buyer’s eyes buying your company is a form of investment) your company or your business if your company is able to help them to make more money. So you should improve your company’s financial before selling it away. Generate positive cash flow by driving in more sales because cash flow is king. To make your business a valuable and sellable asset, your company should have a history of making a healthy profit.

Module 7.0 - Your Long Term Wealth Investment Vehicals


We’ve reached our final module and you will notice that we are transitioning from working for the money to having the money work for you. In this module, we will be going through strategies on creating long-term wealth by putting your money to work. What does this actually mean? It simply means you do not have to put any effort in generating your income, instead, where you choose to put your money into, will have the money multiply and grow for you!

Module 7.1 - Investing in Silver


A surefire way to gain long term wealth would be to invest in gold and silver. First, let’s talk about investing in silver. The investment offers a lot of different options. We will go through a brief overview of the focal points, and conveniences of purchasing the most well known silver bullion, and silver coin speculations.

Module 7.2 - Silver Investment Techniques


The benefit of bullion is that once you have it, its value is entrenched and matches the silver marketplace. Silver price is historically more volatile than the price of gold, in that the value can change rapidly. In other words, the price of gold will rise, where based on historical volatility; the silver price would be expected to rise by a higher percentage than the gold price.

Module 7.3 - Investing in Gold


What makes a gold? Gold has been widely used before the existents of paper money (fiat money). Research stated that its usage was detected for over 3000 years; how can it retain its appreciated value? Gold has maintained its value through time. People perceive gold as a way to preserve their wealth from one generation to the next.

Module 7.4 - Gold Investment Techniques


Now, let’s move on to gold investment techniques.There are several ways to invest in gold: Gold Coins (convenient and portable), Gold Bars (cheaper in bulk, even cheaper with the same weight bought with Gold Coins) and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Module 7.5 - Investing in Property


Property investment is when you own or bought a property that you are not staying in and is generating for you income. This sort of income is passive income. With your business expansion, you would want to keep your surplus of your finances invested in precious metals or property. If the money only sits in the bank and does nothing, it will devalue over time due to rise of cost and inflation. Money, when not worked, gets lazy and fat and that is exactly what happens in the bank.

Module 7.6 - Property Investment Techniques


To start investing in property, these are the fundamentals that you have to know: The price tag of the property. The amount it will cost to maintain the property. How much rental pay you'll get (if you are planning to generate rental income). How much your home loan reimbursements will be, if you are planning to generate capital gains.


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